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A Faith that God Can See(DVD)

A Faith that God Can See(DVD)

--- Mark 2:1-5, 11-12a
Jesus is in Capernaum and the word got around that He is at Peter’s house. People had come from every village of Galilee & Judea and from Jerusalem. There was a paralytic that was carried by four friends who heard that Jesus is preaching, at Peter’s house!!! But there are so many people at Peter’s house that the doors are impassable. No one is letting anyone get in there Place!!!

The four friends hadn’t anticipated such a dilemma when they started out to see Jesus. What do you do when you start out with good intentions and meet an obstacle? What do you do when you become determined to: Walk Right, Deny Your Flesh, and Be Obedient …And you are so Close. You get so close BUT… You STILL can’t see God!!

Doorways – Blocked!!! Road Inpassible???
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