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 JTD Ministries presents...

    Intercessory Prayer



    Join us in Prayer at the

JTD Ministries Prayer Conference Line: Mondays @ 5:30 am

(515) 739-1032 code: 986945#


Email Prayer Requests to:



Let Everything That Have Breathe


 JTD Ministries presents...

Gems of The Kingdom



     Gems of the Kingdom Mentoring Program purpose is to help women embrace their purpose and develop solid leadership qualities through Kingdom-based teachings, mentoring, prayer and fellowship.  Gems have been fashioned by God’s hands.  Because of their rare qualities, Gems are held at high esteem in God’s Kingdom. 


    Our mission is to assist women with a passion to pursue God and His purpose with their spiritual, personal, professional and leadership development.  Our objective is to demonstrate the unique beauty, form and rarity of every woman God created.  Gems of the Kingdom mentees expectations include the following:

  • To read the Holy Bible

  • To participate in weekly Mentoring sessions with Johnna Tyler Davis (Facilitator: Monique Mallory) through Kingdom-based teachings

  • To provide personal mentoring to individuals and assist with readings/materials geared towards personal interests

  • To develop mature leadership qualities through personal development assignments

  • Read a Kingdom and/or Bible based book each quarter and submit bi-weekly summary of learnings.

-Gems of the Kingdom are Women with a passion to pursue God and His purpose for their lives.

-Gems of the Kingdom Women’s Ministry is designed to help “God’s Chosen”embrace their Kingdom assignment, while it is Day, through Kingdom-based teachings, mentoring, prayer and fellowship.

-“Gems of the Kingdom” possess unique beauty and color that exists through being formed by God’s hands. Gems are soft to easily forgive, yet hard to resist breaking.  Gems are tough to endure rough times, yet yielding to open their hearts.

-Although similar, no two Gems (gemstones) are identical.  Because of their rare qualities, Gems are one of the Kingdoms most valued possessions.  


 JTD Ministries presents...

Kingdom Teachings



Schedule Kingdom Teaching at Your Church/ Ministry

     Based upon Kingdom-based teachings from Dr. Myles Munroe, founder of Bahamas Faith Ministries in Nassau Bahamas.  Johnna teaches the Kingdom message on the following topics:

-What Is The Kingdom?

-Understanding The Kingdom

-Armored for The Kingdom

-Kingdom Prayer & Culture

-Understanding Principles of The Kingdom

Mondays @ 8:30 pm EST

(712)-432-0926 code: 986945#



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