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Ignite Your Faith and Unleash It(DVD)

Ignite Your Faith and Unleash It(DVD)

--- Daniel 6:10/Acts 1:8
Prayer is a force that crosses the borders of time and invites the eternal power of God into our lives. When you pray, your spirit becomes linked to the Kingdom of God and His Divine Power. Prayer changes you, so you can change things.

Although Daniel was captive in Babylon, he was not subject to the laws of the king. WHAT? How could that be? Because the True and Living God was Daniel’s Lord and King.
- It was Daniel’s practice to pray.
- It was his culture to pray
- It was his pattern to set aside specific times each day to pray. His prayer pattern is what he had done in the past and it was what Daniel would do in the future….even if it cost him is life.

You have inherited the right to pray in Jesus Name. It is through prayer that we cause the power within us to ignite and be unleashed to influence the Earth. Prayer ignites the Power of God within you.

When you tap your power within, the darkness in this world will be unable to extinguish your light. When the Power within you is ignited and unleashed, angels are loosed on your behalf to declare war on the enemy before you complete your prayer.

Unleash the Power Within and Watch the Kingdom of God Move!!!
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