Because He Lives...You Can Face Tomorrow(SoftCopy)

     Because He Lives ... You Can Face Tomorrow describes a journey of discovery and survival.  It tells the story of a woman finding herself in the throes of emergency surgery, struggling, along with her unborn child, to survive.  

When Johnna was seven months pregnant, her elevated blood pressure alarmed her doctor; the problem resulted in her baby, Tahnea, being born prematurely to save the lives of both mother and baby. Johnna's hospitalization was filled with anxiety, fear, and pain, as she witnessed her own body betray her, while Tahnea's underdeveloped body caused a host of health issues for the newborn. While Johnna experienced unimaginable heartache and sorrow, she found herself wondering where God was, questioning why he allowed such storms to overwhelm her life and the life of her new baby. Johnna sought God's wisdom and reached heights in the spirit she never knew existed, as she prayed for the survival of her fragile baby girl.

Because He Lives ... You Can Face Tomorrow offers a renewed sense of joy, guidance for your walk in faith, and an example of how to survive when all seems lost.